Health Benefits

There are remarkable benefits that could be achieved through regular massage therapy treatments such as: reducing muscle tension, increasing relaxation, decreasing pain (acute/chronic), and improving overall sense of well being. Massage therapy benefits people of all ages.

Conditions in which massage therapy can aid include:

Repetitive Strain Injuries Nerve Root Compression Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Sciatica Sprains/ Strains/ Spasms Delayed Muscle Soreness
Headaches/ Migraines TMJ Arthritis
Whiplash Work Related Injuries Stress
Postural Misalignments Muscle Tension Post- Surgical Rehab
Pregnancy Sports Injuries Tendinitis

Massage helps to:

Improve Circulation Improve immune system functioning
Improve Posture Improve health and well-being
Improving quality of sleep Decrease stress
Decrease muscle resting tension Increase joint mobility
Increase body awareness Reduce pain