Relaxation Massage – The goal of a relaxation massage is to decrease stress, improve circulation, promote overall wellness, reduce pain and to release toxins trapped in the body. We use Swedish techniques such as long soothing strokes to help increase relaxation. During a relaxation massage there is less emphasis on eliminating trigger points or knots in the muscle tissue.

Trigger Point Therapy – Trigger Points are also known as “knots” in the muscle tissue. Trigger points can form due to poor posture, overuse of muscle(s) or improper use of muscle(s). Trigger points can be a nuisance as they can cause localized pain and/or radiating pain. (I.e., a trigger point in the shoulder may lead to headaches). We use trigger point compression techniques to help release and rid the body of these irritants.

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue massage is used to relieve severe muscle tension. This technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscle. During this treatment, we will strip through fascia and superficial muscles to reach the underlying tissue. This massage is usually recommended for clients who experience chronic pain and aching in their muscles.

Swedish Massage – Swedish massage is a type of massage that includes various techniques such as effleurage (long gliding strokes), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), frictions (cross fiber) and vibrations/shaking. We incorporate these techniques into our treatments to help improve overall function.

Myofascial Release – Myofascia is the tough, dense tissue that surrounds our muscles and bones. In a healthy body, these tissues should be soft, pliable and stretchy without any restrictions. When fascia becomes damaged, it can become tight and cause limitations, such as a decrease in range of motion and bodily pains. Myofascial release is usually done without using any oils and/or lotions.

Pregnancy Massage – We offer pregnancy massage throughout all trimesters, which also includes pre and post natal massage. Our clients will be side lying, supported with pillows to optimize comfort level. Pregnancy massage will help to improve overall health, decrease stress and increase circulation. We also aid in issues that our pregnancy clients present with. The most common complaints are but not limited to swollen/spasms in the calves, low back/gluteal pain, and difficulty sleeping and muscle aches/joint pain.

Cupping- Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which cups are either placed or or used as part of the massage (slide cupping). People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, myofascial restrictions, blood flow, relaxation, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. We DO NOT use fire cupping as it is restricted to acupuncturists and TCM practitioners only. Silicone and/or plastic cups are used during treatment.